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Lada V Neck

Lada V Neck

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Introducing the Versatile Lada V Neck in Khaki - Perfect Comfort for Every Occasion!

Crafted from a blend of 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester, the Lada V Neck ensures lightweight, breathable comfort while maintaining durable, long-lasting form. Its blend provides a softer touch with enhanced wrinkle resistance, making it an ideal choice for any event.

Breathable Blend: Enjoy a lightweight feel with breathable comfort from the 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester blend.
Enhanced Durability: Experience enduring wear with improved strength and lasting fabric resilience.
Soft Touch, Wrinkle-Resistant: Feel the softer touch while benefiting from enhanced wrinkle resistance, ensuring effortless upkeep.
Khaki Versatility: Versatile khaki color, ideal for a wide range of occasions and styles.
Hassle-Free Maintenance: Not the perfect fit? Easily swap sizes at our swap meets or through convenient shipping for an exchange.

Discover the unparalleled comfort and durability of the Lada V Neck in Khaki. Embrace its adaptable style and comfort, effortlessly enhance your wardrobe for every occasion!

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