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Vigo Polo

Vigo Polo

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Introducing the Versatile Vigo Polo!

Our Blue Vigo Polo is crafted to offer the perfect blend of comfort, breathability, and durability. Made with 60% cotton for a soft touch, 35% polyester for enhanced strength, and 5% elastane for added flexibility, it strikes the ideal balance. Featuring a checkered style design, this polo offers a harmonious combination of comfort and style.

Comfortable Fabric Blend: 60% cotton offers a soft feel, 35% polyester increases strength, and 5% elastane adds flexibility.

Enhanced Breathability: Ensures breathability for added comfort during wear.

Increased Durability: Polyester blend enhances the polo's strength for lasting use.

Stylish Checkered Design: Features a chic checkered style design for added flair.

Experience the perfect balance of comfort and style with our Blue Vigo Polo. Embrace its comfortable fabric blend and stylish checkered design—a versatile addition to your wardrobe!

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